As a psychic and direct channel to the spirit realm, I empower people all over the world with readings that bring clarity, confirmation and alignment. I not only have the ability to connect to inanimate objects and the living – people, animals and plants – it’s also common for a reading to be graced with messages from deceased loved-ones.

My guided messages infuse the spiritual and practical and identify blocks and attachments, and help you align to your true purpose and state of being. You’ll feel confident about using the many innate ways you already know to tap into, build and trust your own intuition.

What to expect

I receive information and messages through images, sound, feeling and taste.  During a reading, I connect to your energy without using tools, utilize my clear channel and deliver the messages as I receive them.

General Psychic Reading. 

A phone or Skype reading to address your questions and concerns for any area of your life. In-person availability limited to Portland Metro. 30-mins ~ $85; 60-mins ~ $150. USD.

Attunement Readings white


Attunement Readings delve deeply into your business, creative life and path of service to strengthen, fine tune and unify their connection and include guided action plans specific to you, where you are and what you need.

The action plans vary and can include many things – techniques and steps to shift energy, better integrate energies, make progress with projects, clarify options or directions, and create and build grids and foundations that will better support you and your visions and much more.


Each reading lasts between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the support you need and the guidance that comes through for that session.

6 Reading Bundle

$1400 ($100 savings)

12 Reading Bundle (Premium Value)

$2700 ($300 savings)


Single Attunement Readings 




Want to hear more? Schedule your FREE 30-minute clarity call where I’ll tune into your business, craft, creation or gifts and to see what wants your immediate attention.

This call is strictly for those who are serious about moving towards mastering their skills, are committed to growing their service based businesses with creativity and spirituality as the driving forces, don’t want to waste another minute struggling with not knowing how, and are ready to receive individualized, psychic guidance!

#1 The Entrepreneur in You

Attunement Readings are especially useful for the entrepreneur in you when you want to know if an idea you’re pursuing is truly soul aligned, for becoming more clear about the scope of your business, for knowing and capitalizing on your unique genius, for exploring courses of action that reflect and align with you specifically and make your business completely your own, and for navigating the larger unfolding of and inevitable changes your business is most likely to experience as you evolve and it evolves.

#2 The Creative in You

Attunement Readings help the creative in you flourish when you are flummoxed by the endless options in front of you and want clarity on where your attention and creative power would be best placed in the present. Attunement readings are great for when you want to take your creativity to the next level on a project or you need some insight on how to better cultivate, nurture and maintain your relationship with your creativity.

#3 The Spiritual Quester in You  

Attunement Readings help the spiritual quester in you actualize and access your wisdom when you need help better embracing what you’re being led towards, figuring out what that is specifically and the ways it will most likely unfold for you, or when you could use a reboot or to reignite your passion and commitment, given the difficulties that can come with constantly charting spiritual expansion.



“Jessica has an incredible clairvoyant ability and answers every question you can come up with with effortless grace. She gets archetypal and symbolic images and interprets them with finesse in relation to your specific questions, giving you clarity, peace, and excitement about the amazing future that you are living into. I highly recommend booking a session with her – it could just change your life!” -Lars

“Jessica has a beautiful gift. My main areas were around my life purpose and if I was heading in the right direction. It was like Jessica was in my head pulling out all my dreams and thoughts and handed them to me on a platter. If like me you felt confused about your life purpose and need clarity then Jessica is your lady. Do not hesitate to get in contact, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Jessica you truly are very gifted. Big hugs & much love.” – Tracey Quinn

“Finding Jessica in my journey has been such an incredible blessing. I was not only able to gain insight on my healing work throughout my previous lives, but I was able to better understand my journey and divine path in this lifetime. It became easy to stand strong in my power and accept my fate as a business entrepreneur and healer. The meditations she offered me put me in a different space, one I feel I have been before. As she recommended to ground myself every morning when I wake up, I have been able to pickup on insights and messages that weren’t brought to light before now. Highly recommended mentor, coach, and a beautiful spirit.” – Anjali Pati

“My session with Jessica was enlightening. She held such a nurturing and healing space. This is exactly what I needed to hear to get into the grounded reality of life. Thank you Jessica for the beautiful messages from spirit.” – Saru Gupta

Jessica was able to identify for me an energy that I had been holding onto that I wasn’t aware of. With this information, and her guidance as to how I could shift the energy, I was able explore deeper and move the block that had been with me for quite some time. I appreciate that Jessica offered useful insights that allowed my own wisdom to kick in – this to me is what made this session hugely valuable.” – Deborah Cort

“Jessica thoughtfully applied her intuitive gifts to my situation.Her insights, as well as practical strategies, were refreshing and creative. I recommend her to anyone who might be seeking a wise, grounded, and compassionate perspective on life events.” – Kate Newton

“Thank you for taking the time/energy to tune in and give me a reading mate aye! I greatly appreciate it and must give you credit for the accuracy of your depiction of my current circumstances! So kudos for that. The advice/action list you gave me sounds straightforward & easy to follow as well as very helpful in addressing my current circumstances & attracting more of the things I want into my life. You have a pretty awesome skill!!” – Chris Gunston

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