About Me

I’m Jessica Dewberry – self-trained psychic visionary of Msjdew | Intuitive, offering insights and readings that help heal and shift our collective consciousness.

I’ve always been gifted in the intuitive arts and developed my psychic awareness and abilities naturally. I’m clairblended yet primarily clairvoyant, which means I receive messages through images as well as sound, feeling and sometimes even taste. My gifts have, of course, assisted me on my path, which is in part to transform information into wisdom and help others do the same. I earned 3 degrees in literature and writing before realizing it was mostly my preferred tool and playground for psychic and self development. And I started 3 businesses and worked over 20 jobs across 5 industries, before understanding that securing one career or permanent job was never the goal. Instead it was to amplify my creativity, broaden my experience and ability to do and be numerous things, and cultivate my excellence for managing a wide range of projects and for synthesizing information –  which all has been in preparation for better serving you.

My path requires I observe, gather and live through especially difficult situations to learn how to help you through yours. It’s a relentless journey of self-inquiry and trial with lots of error, yet it continues to yield tremendous understanding, growth, patience and insight.

For the past two and a half years, I’ve professionally offered my ability to easily tap into a wealth of specific information on behalf of others. The more open you are doing a reading, the more information and messages flow, creating infinite possibilities for learning about who you really are, what your soul desires, how to make life more comfortable and enjoyable and the steps to get there.

Ready to hear more? Visit my Readings page for a list of offers and to schedule a reading.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of our community at Msjdew | Intuitive (“Company”, “we”, “us”, or “our”). We are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy. If you have any questions or concerns about our policy, or our practices with regards to your personal information, please contact us at intuitive.msjdew.com.

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