Intuitive Editing | Summer 2017

Are you a WooDoo Lightworker, working your magic into a manuscript? 


Fantastic. The world needs your words and messages SO damn bad! And for this summer season, starting as early as June 20th (the first official day of summer!), I’ll use my nearly 10 years of writing and editing experience to edit your book so you can focus on what you love the most: helping others blossom into a place of spiritual self-empowerment.



I call what I do intuitive editing because I’ll never try to make your writing fit some standard mold. (We’ve had more than our fill of that during the Piscean age.) Instead, I allow your writing to yield to its natural organization by drawing this organization to the surface, enhancing it and making it clear for the reader. I also ensure the content explains those very important details of what’s being presented (what’s it all about), but also the so what (why a seeker, doer or believer should be interested in what you have to say). And I protect your style of writing and unique voice, by allowing it to flourish freely, with reason and direction, through those pages…THIS IS A VERY INTUITIVE PROCESS!

I help polish your storytelling techniques and read to make sure the signposts for details and themes are well integrated and dialogue, if any, feels genuine. I also look for a reinforcement of objectives and simplistic ways to transition between topics and information. I de-clutter the text by eliminating wordiness, redundancy and inconsistencies with style or voice. And I highlight those hidden gems that take a book from almost there to fully realized!


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1. Macro/developmental editing. A constructive, honest and thorough critique on your writing strengths and weaknesses. Comments, notes and changes for the big-picture of your work. Pricing around $8 USD per double-spaced page.

2. Copyediting. A thorough examination of your sentences, suggestions for word choice, and corrections for typos, misspellings, grammar, syntax and punctuation errors. Fact-checking and suggestions on ways to fix discrepancies and inconsistencies. A verification and incorporation of footnotes, citation styles and style guide preferences when applicable. Pricing around $6.50 USD per double-spaced page.

3. Proofreading. A thorough reading of finalized work – work that has already been macro edited and copyedited. Corrections of any errors. Pricing around $4.50 USD per double-spaced page.

A note on copyediting and proofreading


I’m morally impartial to most standard rules of editing that are “interpretive, not mechanical,” as pointed out by Mary Norris, a veteran copy editor for The New Yorker, in her article “Holy Writ.” Instead, I work within the inherent stylistic expectations of the writing itself and, when applicable, those set by publishers (i.e. style guides and required citation styles). In other words, I DON’T make arbitrary changes, but I DO make changes to ensure consistency! I approach texts with an open mind and curiosity to glean everything I can, while demystifying your sentence structure so your messages are given and received clearly.


Aside from earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in writing and two Bachelor of Arts degrees in literature and writing, I’ve helped develop and edit hundreds of articles, essays, book-length projects and various educational and business content written in numerous styles for different audiences.

In 2009, I started out tutoring undergraduate and graduate students through their assignments, theses and dissertations. Then I was hired privately, mostly by graduate students, to edit their work. During this time, I facilitated workshops for two years at the Claremont Colleges on SO many writing topics, too many to list. I also tutored writing at Chaffey Community College and privately worked with school-age children in both California and Montreal, Quebec, where I taught classes on writing styles, the writing process, and even coached them through publishing their first online zine. While in Montreal, I taught English as a Second language to advanced learners both privately and in corporate settings.

I’ve worked as a nonfiction assistant editor for Pithead Chapel, a small digital press, and as a fiction and nonfiction copy editor for Midwestern Gothic (MG), a quarterly print journal and press, where I copyedited several issues and Kali VanBaale’s novel The Good Divide. I was also a fiction manuscript evaluator for Hunger Mountain, a print and digital college literary journal, for nearly two years. And even published some essays and articles of my own in places like Mutha Magazine and the Los Angeles Review of Books. (I was quoted in the LA Times for this one!)

Since better understanding that at the core of my essence is a soul worker devoted to intuitively helping others, I’ve changed the way I interact with the academic and literary scene to make my editing services available, specifically, AND RIGHT NOW – FOR THE 2017 SUMMER SEASON to other service-oriented, like-minded folks.


Schedule a call. I want to hear all about your book!


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