Magic Monday | June 5, 2017

Yesterday I completed my first ever Magic Monday Magic Cast! And for all the Mondays moving forward, I’ll be bringing you the magical, mystical and metaphysical.

I could talk about how much creating this magic-cast was a guided action, or how much I procrastinated and warred with committing to showing up every week AND in video, or I could talk about working through the tech difficulties I experienced, which is all true, but really I just want to celebrate! It’s a huge thing, even if it’s something small and even if it’s not perfect, to listen to your intuitive nudges when they’re given to you and to actually see the vision your HS has for you through to fruition. So yay me!

In this Monday’s magic-cast, I talk about a couple witchy words, how culture and society associate certain images with them that make people, unfortunately, cringe or get scared or want absolutely no parts of when spoken, and the importance of learning what you think and feel about them for yourself. Plus, I make up a new word, and share one of my old practices that still helps to keep me grounded and close to the earth.

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And don’t forget, I offer 1:1 readings and private mentoring, so when you’re ready for some transformative, intuitive guidance, check out my work with me page:

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