Are you feeling it?

I don’t know know about you but I’m warring a bit with some frustrating energy. It’s almost like, omg, when will all this shifting be done already! 

To complement all the retrograde action, I’ve been given the message that this period of time will deepen our daily practices, our commitment for going after our soul-led desires, and will add a much needed layer of clarity and depth to the way we help others.

So, instead of beating yourself up about whatever emotions you’re experiencing, let yourself feel them for a bit, and PAY ATTENTION to expressing compassion towards yourself and others, and to the actual steps you take for moving through this energy and settling down your ego. WRITE THEM DOWN, because they will be instrumental in your pursuits later on. 

Work your magic, dear ones! When sticky energy comes our way, it’s always an opportunity to grow in the direction we need to.  

And be sure to snag your FREE copy of the Expansive, Self Empowerment meditation, and let me know if you need my help. Sending 💚✌☄.

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