Has this ever happened to you?

These past couple weeks have been eye-opening reminders for me. I drove from Houston, Texas, all the way to Southern California with my kiddos and lovely cat, Stella, in tow. After facilitating a community event, I needed to take care of a few things for a part-time gig I accepted in Northern California that will help me continue building my biz with the ease and flow I desire. So I then drove up by myself while leaving everyone else with family.

From booking a hotel to renting a car and then driving the 6 hours alone, it all felt a little off, like I was forgetting something, like the details kept floating around, refusing to really come together. I had taken the time to tune in a few times about it but wasn’t getting clear answers, so I chopped it up to fatigue and my anxiousness to get going already with starting a new chapter, although deep down I knew something else was going on.

As soon as I saw the freeway sign for San Jose, it was like my brain exploded! I heard so piercingly clear what I could have done to make things easier on myself. I could have taken care of all the submitting I needed to do for my new job from the comfort of my family’s home in SoCal and drove up north the following week, like I would have to do anyway, OR, because there are always options, I could have come straight from Texas to Northern California to begin the process of getting settled sooner and just take a weekend trip to facilitate the event and visit family later. Both options would have helped me save so much energy, hours of my life and lots of dough.

When you’ve been shown your next big  step but are unsure of what to do to make all the details happen, take it as a sign that it’s not for you to make it happen, at least not in the way you may think.

Let the universe do its work in the background for now. It operates on a different schedule.

What you *can* do is let the time stretch your faith, grow you towards practicing more patience, surrendering control (this is a biggie for me), and opening you up to numerous routes that will help you arrive at the same place, even if it feels counterintuitive.

There’s nothing more tiring than realizing in hindsight the path of least resistance you didn’t opt for. We are powerful and wise, let’s work to be that in everything we do.

And if you need help sorting through any of it, be sure to let me know. It’s why I’m here.

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