More compassion please

​International Women’s Day was last week and I’ve been feeling the need to share a few words…

Women have been fighting through feminism from the same emotional place of fed up and angry for a really long time, and rightfully so. But we can now reevaluate what we do with those energetic signals when they arise so we can find strategies that better support the NOW. 

Everyone – both men and women – has their hot buttons that send those signals when pushed, especially if they’re still learning how to unhook themselves from learned or inhereted or ingrained beliefs that limit their growth.

So I’m promoting compassion and having a little more of it, while we also examine the ways we respond, and examine what feminism means to us on a personal, individual level first.

Their are no one-size-fits-all definitions. My own continues to evolve, and right now it’s more about knowing I have absolute freedom to design my life the way I want, to speak my truth without hesitation, to love and celebrate myself and all my many talents and gifts, and to really (re)learn how to embody the feminine – particularly the quality of receiving and giving and bringing forth “new life” in a multitude of ways. 

It requires a calming of that masculine energy, that has been so pervasive and oppressive, because it’s exhausting, and because I’m over it, and because the grunt of the very important feminist work that needed this energy the most, I feel, has already been done by all the generations of folks before us. And I’m grateful for the opportunity we now have.

As a Lightworker, I’m simply mirroring back the break in the pattern that tells us what’s possible right up ahead. Future projection is one of my gifts, which includes also seeing the very most aligned and the most fulfilling path for others individually and collectively.

So whatever the strain you’re feeling, reacting to and trying to change others is an easy waste of energy and a sure fire way to stay in the same place. Let it go, surrender, and set your intentions on becoming more receptive to ways you can adjust your own perspectives and attitudes instead, first and always.

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