Winter 2016-2017 Tarotscope: The Lover

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Lovers, in the recent months you’ve been perceived as a little more shifty and moody than usual, signalling the crossroads you’re at between what you feel and what the world’s information keeps telling you you should know and do. You are the heart on the sleeve, the precious gift reminding us all to take refuge in whatever beauty, passion, or optimism we can find.

All things are right and easier when done from a place of love. And you are our most greatest gift. You nurture, heal, restore, bring people together and keep them there. You overcome our sorrows and traumas. And lately, you’ve been working overtime, spreading yourself thin through causes and belief systems and overstimulated psyches.

Lovers are natural mirrors, showing us where the work needs to be done, where those blind spots not only are but what they’re caused by. You reveal our limitations and show us which of our issues are impossible to run from or get around.

And in your moments of childish fervor and unpredictable words those delicate energies are bouncing around to pull up and clear out, you remind us of the innocence that lies beneath what appears as unruly threads of our existence which could use a little taming. You remind us that the wildness in our hearts is just what’s needed to obliterate the blocks and holds we put on ourselves that the universe is ushering in front of us to see, saying start here – forget all the discussion about any and everything external for just a moment, your biggest rivals are within.

Love is love, and since the world has a way of wanting stuff measured, documented, and tracked, it can be hard convincing the preconditioned to let love anywhere near the mix of business. But we need you, always, at the foundation of everything that’s happening, to protect and provide a sanctuary when shit goes south and a place of comfort and rest after triumphs.

Find ways to steady your wavering so you can meet us where we are, so you can show up with your dynamism, and the enchantment you so easily embody that has the ability to pry open even the hearts this experience of living seems to have rusted shut. Rebuild your confidence and other’s confidence by respecting the ways others love, where they are as Lovers, and by loving just because, regardless. Push that ideology.

Approach our fears running a mock as opportunities to pull everyone back into a place of loving first, back into a place of questioning ourselves first. Love is your specialty, and you are here to give yourself even when it all appears unlovable, even when your love is consistently met with resistance, and when the uncertainty makes even you uncomfortable.

Be okay with your decision to step out of the thick of it in order to keep yourself charged and filled and plentiful. Break away when needed. Wander the forest, talk to the birds. Love from a distance if you have to, because you can, and because love isn’t affixed to any one place, community or person, and because loving from a distance is sometimes the only option.

And express yourself widely, since through your expression we recover. When everyone else is harping on the past “mistakes” made because of the heart, you lovingly remind us that genuine love has always prevailed.

Get out of your own way, and flip the switches from hate to love and from judgment to listening with the intent of understanding that you’re so good at flipping when everyone else is tired and out of ideas. And watch how your nature and the Venusian energy you so effortlessly draw upon rouses the sleepers, and breaks wide open those avenues of collaboration, hopefulness, and light you’ve been pushing for since the beginning of time.

Spread info (my own):

Immediate Past:

  • (XVIII) The Moon (perceived by the world and others)
  • Knight of Swords (glimpse of the subconscious)
  • 7 of Wands reversed (influence)
  • 8 of Wands (influence)
  • (VIII) Justice (heart space)


  • (IV) The Emperor (perceived by the world and others)
  • 10 of Swords (glimpse of the subconscious)
  • 5 of Chalices (influence)
  • 2 of Wands reversed (influence)
  • (XIII) Death (heart space)

Immediate Future:

  • (XX) Judgement  (perceived by the world and others)
  • 6 of Pentacles reversed (glimpse of the subconscious)
  • 8 of Pentacles (influence)
  • 9 of Chalices (influence)
  • (XV) The Devil (heart space)

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