Winter 2016-2017 Tarotscope: The Teacher


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Teachers, the world is forever changed and changing, always, and you are called to follow suit. Folks are coming out the sleepy corners they’ve been holding up, looking for new ideas and motivations, needing places to dump their angers, needing to know which parts to feed, and for someone to tell them life won’t feel like an act of resistance forever, that this – although it has seemed like a lifetime – is temporary, that it’s still worth it, that what they’ve learned thus far might be, has to be, will be enough to get them to a place of more than just enduring or surviving. Folks are seeking new realities and possibilities, so new they’re reluctant to even admit they’ve been dreaming them up. And they need you and all your magic and what you see while walking those two steps in front of them to get them there.

Prepare yourself, and in some cases, when it’s necessary, because there will be times, put aside the books, the logical explanations, the sure-fire way others have said to proceed that you’ve believed and recited so much it keeps running on autopilot well after your own feelings about it all have changed.

People need more than this, more than to see you halfheartedly clinging to aspects of your identity that are ready to evolve. They need more ways to bridge the privileging of concretized information swirling up and out into the ether that the world is so caught up on, with what they have always known and felt innately. They want to begin reclaiming their lost rituals of initiation and transition which got stuck somewhere in the depression of society. They need to relearn how to learn, and they need the cosmic, mystic, ancient parts of you to teach them.

They need new hustles, expansive ones, ones that’ll calm the shit storms created by the shifting ideologies, valid doubts and the mismatched actions and words showing up everywhere they look, even in their own mirrors.

Their hearts want stability and reassurance and for you to remind them that even when it doesn’t look like it, there’s a natural order to things, that everything is moving along according to plan, and at the end of the day, it is still the universal law and truth that what you give is what you get, collectively or as one.

Put aside your own struggles with the hyper-critical utterances coming your way and the ghosting of the haters, because it will happen. Use your lingering doubt about what you’re seeing and hearing and the tenderness you’re feeling to remember there’s always room to change and grow and that time is now. Use it to assure others of your dedication and that you’re right alongside them, subject to and willing to feel your way through the same vulnerabilities and the shifting scene before you.

Focus on showing up in the moment with all your magic so you can better intuit the situation and help others stretch themselves while you stretch yourself too. Take comfort in all the protection the universe is providing you and in your natural ability to see the value and the opportunity right here, to see the importance of taking an entirely different route and of feeling a hopeful and excited way you haven’t felt in ages about your contribution. Feed that feeling. And use the endless avenues that the modern world continues to provide and multiply to amplify it infinitely, by uploading  your teachings and spreading them widely.

Spread info (my own):

Immediate Past:

  • (X) The Wheel (perceived by the world and others)
  • Knave of Swords reversed (glimpse of the subconscious)
  • Ace of Pentacles (influence)
  • 4 of Chalices reversed (influence)
  • (VIII) Justice (heart space)


  • (XIV) Temperance (perceived by the world and others)
  • 6 of Pentacles reversed (glimpse of the subconscious)
  • Knight of Swords (influence)
  • 10 of Swords (influence
  • (XVI) Tower (heart space)

Immediate Future:

  • (XIX) The Sun (perceived by the world and others)
  • 7 of Wands (glimpse of the subconscious)
  • 5 of Knives reversed (influence)
  • 5 of Chalices (influence)
  • (VII) The Chariot (heart space)

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