I Love Men

There’s something wildly unique and powerful about a women-only space, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about men and how I need to incorporate them more into the services I provide, how I already do on a soul level. 

My graduate program (I won’t even talk about undergrad. You’d be here reading for days!) taught me that to be a woman writing believable male characters was in some way subversive or a cause to be rewarded or questioned or a number of other things. I talked about it, felt around in it, but ultimately found the idea ridiculous (along with all the other guidelines and arguments given for sussing out whether it’s acceptable to write about or within a subject position the writers themselves don’t occupy. Insert gasp-face emoji here!). It’s a genuine concern for some and even though I disagree, this idea has still creeped into other parts of my life in different ways. 

For many women who provide intuitive services as I do, they’ve made the decision to only, or almost only, offer their services to women for a number of reasons. They’re all respectable reasons –  to each his own – and for a split second I thought maybe that was the way to go so I could, on a  level of not even knowing I was trying to do this, avoid the conversation altogether. But as I see it truly, I live with men, raise them, call them father, brother, uncle, friend, etc. I know them intimately and they are here with me living life, and I’ve got a real investment in my men-folk and seeing them do well, just as I do women. So it only feels natural and authentic for me to give them space in my work too, starting with the redoing of a couple images and the rewriting of a sentence or two – minimal work for infinite payoff!

I’m definitely feeling my way through the retrograde! This is what it’s good for – to give pause and review and to help pluck out those kernels we can take forward that’ll revolutionize some stuff! Use it wisely.

#I❤men #retrograde #revolutionizesomestuff #authenticity

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