13 Days of Self πŸ’š

A couple days ago I tuned in about Self Love and received a plan of action: public posts for 13 days on 2 things that I love about myself. 

Below are days 1 & 2 and I’ll be posting the others on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/msjdew.becoming/ 

Here’s my day 1 of self πŸ’š: I love the way I blend bold colors, patterns and textures together in my home, business and wardrobe. And I love my loud laugh. There’s no way I could be any quieter, and there’s no reason to even try.

And my day 2 of self πŸ’š: I love my imagination and how far reaching it is; And I love my determination to keep chipping away at creating an authentic life centered around my passions and my own unique and soul-led definition of success.

I invite you to join me. Comment, share, like and, most of all, be your fabulous you.
#selflove #maintainingmyvibration

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