Just a Few Minutes of Sleep

Sleep Kitty Sleep by msjdew

When it comes to meditation, I’ve never been able to truly make good with the widely used sitting down or standing up techniques. Luckily, Mira Kelley encouraged using any position that felt most comfortable when I participated in one of her guided past-life regression workshops over the summer. So I opted for lying down which initiated the state where I experienced four scenes that played out like quick clips from a movie.

Kelley believes our lives aren’t chronologically lived and that some happen simultaneously in the past, present, and future. With this added layer to explore and consider, trying to make sense of what emerged while asking myself what I’m to learn from it all has been an ongoing process, one I’ll write in-depth about in another post since, needless to say, I’m still fleshing it out. Through this, however, I’ve been pulled towards studying the Akashic Records as to help others understand their soul’s origin so we can make better choices and have more fulfilling experiences through our incarnations.

After leaving the workshop, I realized that I’ve intuitively used the lying down technique on my own for years to gain clarity and answers to questions – especially when trying to make important decisions – long before I knew the yogis and some ancient texts called it the Corpse Pose or Savasana, and even longer before I realized it had anything to do with meditation at all. But really what better position to be in – flat on my back like a human offering –  when trying to call up some wisdom from the deepest recesses of my psyche.


So here it is:

I prepare a question, lie down in a comfortable place, and drop into the heart space, if I’m not already there. (It took me over a decade to teach myself how to protect or access this space in a consistent way and within an instant, which has had lots to do with building up the appropriate and necessary boundaries. But more on that another time.) After taking a few deep breaths, I ask that question aloud, and then I take several more deep breaths, quieting all the internal, chatty gremlins. I focus on my breathing until I’m entirely relaxed and completely receptive to the answer.

Here’s where it might differ from the Corpse Pose, because I quickly reach the first stage of sleep instead of remaining fully conscious and aware of my surroundings. My muscle activity slows the neurons at the base of the brain while the signals sent to my body that tells it it’s falling asleep increase. Wondrously, all external noises shut off – from cars driving by my living room to 12 plus bantering children in the same room where I occupy the couch at the community center. Even though a slight nudge or a call of my name might pull me out and up, I’ve experienced countless vivid scenes this way in many environments that wouldn’t be seen as conducive places of meditation.

Most recently, I asked a career related question and not even a very clearly worded one. I just wanted some insight on what to do about making progress and how to transition from struggling to present myself to the world as a writer/editor/English teacher into the creative intuitive/spiritual/transpersonal coach who’s screaming to emerge that still loves and uses writing as the miraculous tool and practice it is.

I was given three scenes. In the first, I sat on my wood floor and my hand stroked a gray cat that sat on its back legs, facing the window. Bright, afternoon daylight filtered into the room through the blinds. In the second image, there was a mountainous world map, like something on Google Earth. Several thin and lit-up dotted lines that originated from the region of the world where I currently live, stretched out over the Atlantic Ocean and into various points of other continents. I took a hovering position, watching the view from above. In the last scene, I lied in my bed, holding and rapidly flipping through the app screens on my cell phone until reaching one social media app (I’m not sure which one) where the number 28 sat in the bottom right-hand corner.



Resources on interpreting images or dreams and the symbolism within are as vast as any other topic and can be both a gift and a cluster fuck when trying to figure out which ones to trust. Ultimately, I start with my own inner guide and go with my own connections to images and symbols, while attempting to respect how the elements of the scenes I experienced interact with each other. Firstly, I note how the scenes felt.

During the first scene, the cat didn’t need my attention but appreciated it anyway. There was a feeling of being grounded, balanced, and at some powerful and genuine peace that was punctuated by the glowing light from outside. 

Cats are knowingly worshiped across many religions and cultures and their  mythologies. According to Ramona Marek in her article “Cats in Mythology,” it’s been this way for over 30,000 years. Classic Greek tales feature “hybrid feline creatures,” for example, that she says “were pedigreed monster siblings from a fierce family that wreaked havoc on humans across the countryside with no Cat Daddy to call for help.” I suspect these wild critters are the cause of interpretations that deem felines as disloyal and representative of difficult situations or some kind of unsavory witchery up ahead. In other mythologies, cats have the primary role of guarding a body and soul on earth through the physical and spiritual process of dying.

Both provide fantastic avenues to further investigate and are a part of my growing codex of collective animal symbolism. But for the scene I experienced, I interpret the feline as feminine power, independence, and a controlled use of instincts as it relates to the emotional, intimate realm, because the cat I saw was, after all, domestic, and more importantly, those feelings were present.

My relationship to cats is another element to digest. I was never much of a cat person until about 6 months ago when I decided to allow myself to enjoy all the cuteness I was seeing in those circulating internet cat photos. And since my family acquired the most adorable quarter-Coon tabby cat about 3 months ago, it’s been nothing but love. Now I’m tuned into their behavior and have a deep respect for all domestic cats, including those living that stray life.

Exploring the rich gray color of the cat’s fur adds another telling layer of meaning. Again, going with what’s affectual for me and the scenes I received is always the point, while avoiding everything else – like I’ve done with the drab and boring interpretations I encountered on the internet that called it the color of commerce, theory, and hibernation – those words just aren’t representative of what I experienced. The gray I witnessed was emblematic of wisdom, intelligence, integrity, and something long-lasting, which was wholly embodied in the scene.   


In the second scene, there was a feeling of being sure, like this was the natural next step, the thing that should be happening, alongside an impression of strategic movement. Those dotted lines didn’t all move at once; it was one after the other, indicating steps or cause and effect or decision and consequence. And they all started from the same location, which seems to me to signal specific targets, planning, expansion, and changes since those lines were fanned out and reaching points of the world I’ve yet to venture.

Since the map itself wasn’t defined, meaning I saw no clear boundaries between continents or countries, and there wasn’t a mode of transportation of any kind, i.e a boat or plane, I’ll stay away from interpreting this image as telling of literally traveling to those places (for now). It felt more about reaching new territory,  perhaps, over the wires.     

Wanderlust campaigns are everywhere a person goes on the web, and I’m unashamedly guilty for gazing dreamily at the glorious photos and narratives behind them. I’ve also been privileged to travel quite a bit, starting as a child, and traveling, experiencing, and learning from other cultures remains an important aspect of my identity and life. I don’t question for a minute that that’s where the feeling of being sure and taking the logical next step of expansion comes into play.


In the third scene, I simply observed and recognized the number 28 – 28 likes, responses, follows, private messages; who knows? But it felt like an expectation had been met.

Having a phone and apps appear so vividly in this scene confirms my interpretation of scene two. This might have been one of the only times where electronic devices were an important part of a scene for me, and screens are just as present in my life as anyone else’s. The rapidity of me swiping through those apps, I believe was telling me that whatever developments I’m on to or will be on to in the near future, will happen fast.

Looking at the number 28 in ways I already understand it is the most useful method I can use. Since I study Tarot, the number two for me represents, firstly, the High Priestess.

When this lady appears our intuition is an emboldened force to be reckoned with. She embraces, effortlessly, the past, present, and future and marries our feminine and masculine energy seamlessly. She’s above day-to-day mundane and pesky dealings. Her strengths are in looking at a situation from the bird’s-eye-view and understanding and initiating systems and strategic moves that thrust us forward in our self-discovery process while uniting the invisible or the unknown with what’s already known or seen. She’s not, however, without her faults, egoism being one of them to watch out for, but her appearance alone makes me confident I interpreted the first scene I correctly.

The Justice card is represented by the number eight. Balanced scales, lions, scarab beetles, and the astrological sign of Cancer and therefore the crab all come into view. (Even more aspects to explore!) She’s equilibrium and law and order among matter and the larger happenings surrounding our worlds, with an emphasis on cause and effect. With her, the intellect is balanced with appropriate business-like actions that work from a place of integrity within systems and structures already established. But at her worst, those systems and structures are placed in jeopardy by dishonorable actions such as fraud and an abuse of power. She’s clearly signaling the controlled emotions experienced in the first scene and the planning and strategy of scene two.

In numerology, the numbers should be added and then deduced until they equal a number from 1-9. That leaves the number 10 which translates into the number 1, which  is represented in Tarot as the Magician.

He’s a bad dude in every good sense of the word bad. He invents a formula like a chemist would and mixes our passions and happiness and the work we do like an elixir ready to be consumed. He’s all about reigning over the material or being a slave to it depending on personal inclinations. He’s initiation and ability and since I inquired about my career I take him as saying go, use your will, drink up that potion, and get to work. Clearly he’s highlighting the passion I feel toward traversing new territories but as it relates to the expansion seen in scene two.

The last scene seems to also be confirming that I’ve got the intuition of the High Priestess, the diplomacy of the Justice card and the savviness and will of the Magician all working together and in my favor, pulling me along with their bright light, cosmic and karma-kissed guidance, right in the direction I’m aching to go, while I transition into the next version of myself ready to become.

Scenes and images received through this exercise and from dreams in general are gifted from our insightful and wise subconscious minds which are always a few steps and often leaps ahead us. There’s a limitlessness to this territory that’s there and always waiting to be tapped into to teach us something new about ourselves and the realities and circumstances we create. Dream well!


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